Episode Twelve: Collective Care

It's been a busy few months here. There's been new kittens, art projects, conferences, house warmings, and generally still adjusting to our new neighbourhood. I've been feeling overtired and overworked and so I asked Virtute what he does for self-care.  He stared blankly for a minute. So I asked again. He finally looked my way,… Continue reading Episode Twelve: Collective Care

Episode Eleven: Sharing Space

Recently we welcomed a new kitten named Gumption into our house. It's been about a month so I checked in with Virtute to see how he's handled the transition. He responded, "When Gumption first arrived I really felt as though my world got immensely smaller. It's such an intimate process to share space and it… Continue reading Episode Eleven: Sharing Space

Episode One: Virtute teaches Craig about small talk

Today during my morning small talk session with Virtute, the cat, he expressed his sincere anxiety about not having all his Christmas shopping done. I told him not to worry, that as long as we were together as a family that's all that counts. And that I've heard some people get started on their shopping… Continue reading Episode One: Virtute teaches Craig about small talk