Episode Fifty Eight: 2017 or What To Do With Dumpster Fires

Virtute pawed at my shoulder, "Hey! Hey!" he exclaimed, adamant to get my attention.  "I know you said you wanted to retire the blog for a while, but we can't let it die in 2016. It feels like that's what's been happening all around us." Virtute isn't much for sentimentality so I relented. "Quick, get… Continue reading Episode Fifty Eight: 2017 or What To Do With Dumpster Fires

Episode Fifty Seven: Taking a Knee

It was early morning and I was shocked not to be greeted by Gummy clamouring about the house expressing her hunger pangs to everyone within a 40km radius.  Instead, I found her sitting in a dignified upright position on the coffee table yelling, "Catnip! Catnip!"  I definitely have a drug-positive philosophy with the cats, but… Continue reading Episode Fifty Seven: Taking a Knee

Episode Fifty One: Chronicles of Gumption the Cat

Gumption paraded around the house announcing her presence like the trilling of a trumpet grandstanding for a monarch.  She couldn't remember the last time her belly was so full.  Since Virtute had moved an incredible miracle had happened.  If she took a break from eating her kibble, the food wouldn't disappear.  At first she thought… Continue reading Episode Fifty One: Chronicles of Gumption the Cat