Episode Forty Two: The Ultimate Question of Life

Virtute and I have a confession to make. We've both been anticipating writing this episode for some time now.  The number 42 has very special connotation in our conversations. It is the number worn by the great baseball player Jackie Robinson. It is the angle rounded to whole degrees at which a rainbow appears. But… Continue reading Episode Forty Two: The Ultimate Question of Life

Episode Forty One: Eduardo Galeano, Presente.

Virtute and I spent some time yesterday reflecting on the passing of a movement elder, Eduardo Galeano.  We talked mostly about the fact that we have lost a number of movement elders in recent years and it is worrying because it feels as though our movements have trouble remembering our stories and our histories. Virtute… Continue reading Episode Forty One: Eduardo Galeano, Presente.

Episode Forty: Sun in an Empty Room

I walked in on Jenny and Virtute engaged in a long conversation about Edward Hopper's painting "Sun in an Empty Room".  They were discussing the ways in which John K. Samson's lyrics to the Weakerthans' song of the same name captures a very important and intimate reference to the disjunctures of home and belonging in Hopper's work.… Continue reading Episode Forty: Sun in an Empty Room