Episode Thirty Five: You & the 6


As you might recall, Virtute is one of the biggest Drake fans of all time. So when the new mixtape “If you are reading this it’s too late” was dropped surprisingly this week, Virtute pretty much spent the whole day listening to the album on repeat.  In fact, the whole house fell silent safe for the prophetic, yet hyper-literal, lyrics of Toronto’s prodigal son.

Virtute’s been playing the track “You & the 6” over and over today though.  As usual, I’m curious as to why some songs really appeal to Virtute and others he discards quite quickly (I guess it’s a whole generational thing). Anyhow, Virtute was a little annoyed that I was disturbing his listening experience, but he relented and explained, “This song hits home. I think a lot of my mama, Jenny, she really raised me, her and this city have craddled me. It was Jenny who taught me how to fetch and who gave me cuddles when I was anxious at night. She’s always learning who I am and who I am becoming and she’s learned to let me be me.  At the same time, this city shaped me as well. I’ve explored rooftops on Chester Avenue and scary stairs on Dufferin and I’ve laid low in the garden here on Dublin.  All the while that tower looked over me, let me know things would be ok. It’s funny what cradles us, isn’t it?”

Virtute can be so melodramatic when it comes to Drake songs, but in some ways he was on point. Jenny & the 6 raised him right, probably saved his life.

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