Episode Twenty Two: Coldplay or the Politics of Vapidness


Today something terrible happened.  Virtute was scurrying around the house crying out and looking for a place to hide. He finally  took refuge in the cat condo with Gumption, but the look of fear on his face was telling.  I panicked and went to see what was wrong when out of nowhere I heard the most awful sound coming from Jenny’s computer.

I immediately clued in and asked Virtute if he was fleeing Coldplay. His response: “In all the years that sounds and music and rhythms have passed over the planet, nothing so vapid, soulless, and self-aggrandizing has ever been created.”  I considered this a pretty accurate, but possibly uncompromising rebuke, so I asked if this had affected his relationship with Jenny.

He immediately said, “You need to love your family through their worst moments.  You need to help guide them away from the open empty pit that Marx called alienation…well…unless they listen to U2 as well as Coldplay, then they are considered lost to our society. Those are the people who must be shown the moon door.”

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