Episode Sixteen: String Theory



Virtute and Gumption spent today fighting over a piece of string, well actually I think at one time it was used to string together someone’s bikini, but it’s a favourite household toy nowadays.  After observing the battle go through stages of tug of wars, commando rolls, and dips and dangles, I finally had to ask the cats why they were so obsessed with strings.

Virtute, quick witted as he is, responded: “To acknowledge and begin to understand a part of theoretical physics which seeks to explore our interconnections to all things by virtue of the small bits of energy and movement that make us up is vital to my way of understanding the world.  If we can find a way to make people understand the interconnections between all creatures, beings, times and spaces, then we are doing the ancestors justice.”

Trying to break down what he meant, I asked what that had to do with a series of mathematical formulae that tries to link quantum mechanics and general relativity.  Virtute, letting the string dangle enough for gumption to keep playing, stated, “Well, if the theory allows humans to think about time-space in a different way and relate to the ways in which the ancient ones understood that relationship, then that’s a big step for you folks returning to the good path.”

I noticed Gumption’s kitten ears had perked, so I asked her what she thought of string theory, she paused, reflected, and then responded, “Strings! I like strings! Strings are fun!”.

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