Episode Fifteen: Virtute Explains the Etymology of Bandwagons



Gumption and I have been following the Jays for the whole season, but recently Virtute’s decided to start watching too.  Since the Blue Jays are on a 9 game winning streak and are starting to look like the World Series contenders they were supposed to be last year naturally I asked him if he was jumping on the bandwagon. His response, as usual, was pretty thoughtful – shrugging, he replied, “if you research the etymology of the term bandwagon, it refers to the contraptions that carried around circus performers hired by P.T. Barnum in the American west in the mid-1800s. These circus shows tended to entertain new settlers while demeaning and dehumanizing indigenous peoples. Since we’re supporting the Blue Jays, I like to consider myself joining the flock.”  He paused and I was waiting for his next word of wisdom, but he just asked, “How does this Mark Buerhle jersey look on me anyways?”

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