Episode Twelve: Collective Care

It’s been a busy few months here. There’s been new kittens, art projects, conferences, house warmings, and generally still adjusting to our new neighbourhood. I’ve been feeling overtired and overworked and so I asked Virtute what he does for self-care. 

He stared blankly for a minute. So I asked again.

He finally looked my way, “Your body, your feelings, your tiredness, your being overworked seeps and trickles into all of your relationships. It changes others unconsciously and inadvertently. Stepping back, making time to care, sharing food, doing favours, and reducing the things you think you just need to do is healthy not just for you, but everyone around. If you stop thinking only about yourself and think about your relationships to those around you, you’ll see why it’s important to take care.”

He finished his brief nap in my arms and went back to grooming Gumption. I put down my work for the day and made bagels.

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