Episode Eleven: Sharing Space

Recently we welcomed a new kitten named Gumption into our house. It’s been about a month so I checked in with Virtute to see how he’s handled the transition. He responded, “When Gumption first arrived I really felt as though my world got immensely smaller. It’s such an intimate process to share space and it wasn’t until I could build trust with Gumption and know that my systems and routines would be respected that I started to feel at ease. I thought a lot about myself those first few weeks and to be honest I was pretty sullen. But then I realized just how new and frightening and excited she must be to be here and that maybe we needed to start some routines we could share.”

What do you like sharing the most with her? I asked. “Well, my throw toy and Jenny’s love and affection are still pretty off-limits – but I guess we can both sleep in my cat condo, I mean, er, uh… our cat condo.”

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