Episode Fifteen: Virtute Explains the Etymology of Bandwagons

  Gumption and I have been following the Jays for the whole season, but recently Virtute's decided to start watching too.  Since the Blue Jays are on a 9 game winning streak and are starting to look like the World Series contenders they were supposed to be last year naturally I asked him if he… Continue reading Episode Fifteen: Virtute Explains the Etymology of Bandwagons

Episode Fourteen: The Art of War

Last week Virtute got into his first real fight.  We had been feeding the clowder of stray cats around our house and inch by inch they started to become territorial.  While Gumption was pretty curious, Virtute was very anxious.  Eventually one of them, the one called "Lunchbox", charged at the window and attacked Virtute through… Continue reading Episode Fourteen: The Art of War

Episode Twelve: Collective Care

It's been a busy few months here. There's been new kittens, art projects, conferences, house warmings, and generally still adjusting to our new neighbourhood. I've been feeling overtired and overworked and so I asked Virtute what he does for self-care.  He stared blankly for a minute. So I asked again. He finally looked my way,… Continue reading Episode Twelve: Collective Care

Episode Eleven: Sharing Space

Recently we welcomed a new kitten named Gumption into our house. It's been about a month so I checked in with Virtute to see how he's handled the transition. He responded, "When Gumption first arrived I really felt as though my world got immensely smaller. It's such an intimate process to share space and it… Continue reading Episode Eleven: Sharing Space

Episode Eight: Crypts and Caves

Today I commented on how lovely Virtute's cave was and he astutely corrected me stating, "it's a crypt - crypts are cave-like dwellings that are produced by humans." So I had to ask, "but then what are caves?". Virtute was not amused and simply looked off and said, "they are made by the creator and… Continue reading Episode Eight: Crypts and Caves